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Students Rave About Taking Music Lessons from Johnny's Music Studios

"...I ordered an online course and was on my way to rock stardom.  I soon realized that I was not going to get there doing it this way. ...Eventually sanity got hold of me and I called to start taking lessons with Johnny.

-Doug Brablec


music lessons asheville quote"Not only is Johnny a very talented musician, but he has the rare gift of being able to teach. His ability to discern a student’s skill level and subsequently adapt and design their lessons to that is the best I’ve seen from any instructor.

On top of all that Johnny Harwood has the gift of patience and encouragement."

I highly recommend Johnny’s Music Studio.  -Mark White

"If I had not acquired the skills learned in Johnny's studio, I would have possessed nothing to build off of in order to find my true source of creativity...

Everything he taught me about being a musician was right...

Johnny creates a space for any musician with any kind of mentality to express through any means necessary and no matter where that place is, Johnny was always right there to lead me in the right direction."

-Riley Flynn

guitar lessons asheville quote bucy "I found my instructional time with John Harwood to be invaluable! He provided tools to write my own music and sit in on a jam sessions with unfamiliar music and not get lost. I learned everything from the difference between jazz and country to how to modulate from the key of G to A in the middle of a song!

I recommend Johnny's Music to both the beginner who wants to learn proper technique and avoid bad habits to the experienced player who desires to gain a better understanding of music theory!"

-Danny Bucy

"Tyler had been playing guitar as a "self taught" guitarist for about a year. He was happy with the progress he had made, however, when he met you and took some lessons, he couldn't stop talking about the information and technique you taught him.

In just a few lessons what he learned was amazing.

You are an incredible guitarist and a great influence on these rising musicians.  Many thanks for what you do!!"

-Jennifer James

piano-lessons-asheville-quote I had been playing for 5+ years, was self taught from books and video's, and had a decent understanding of basic chords and a little rhythm on acoustic. I had the goal of the praise and worship team at my church, but lacked the confidence, drive, and accountability to make it happen.

I took weekly hour long lessons with John Harwood for one year. Then I auditioned for the worship team, was videotaped, evaluated, and accepted.

Through these weekly lessons, instilled confidence. John taught me common chord progressions and through repetitive training, I mastered things I never would have without formal instruction. -S. Beadnelll

Asheville Guitar Lessons, Keyboard, Piano & E.Bass

For Guitar Lessons in Asheville - as well as Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons and E. Bass Lessons - Welcome to Johnny's Music Studios!

We care about each and every student - REALLY - and create unique lesson plans to suit individual goals. You are important to us and when it comes to excelling on your instrument - one size does NOT fit all. There is only so much you can learn on your own without music lessons.

Johnny's L.I.F.E. Musical Training Method

Our music lessons can help you improve rapidly and in a manner that right for you - and we don't just use the same old approach for every student. Johnny's Music Studios is proud to feature our own unique musical training method developed over 30 years - Johnny's L.I.F.E. Musical Training Method.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, we teach all levels of music lessons. Availability is limited so whether you are looking for guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, piano lessons or bass lessons, please call today.


Johnny's Student Spotlight

Matt Shanor-Budding Asheville Artist

Matt Shanor-Budding Asheville Artist
Full of promise? You bet.
When Matt was a guitar student of Johnny's he was part of an up and coming group of young...
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Local Musicians Attract Fans

Local Musicians Attract Fans
Brothers Make Good
Remarkable creative duo sets out on their own and starts packing venues.
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