'Live' Playing & Practice

Stage fright hinders most growing musicians, even highly talented ones. Single-handedly, the heat of the moment can turn countless hours of preparation and excitement into a disappointing, insecure & lackluster performance. Too often students spend all their time practicing alone, simply playing 'for' the teacher or focusing on getting ready for a high pressure recital. Johnny frequently plays WITH students and also periodically hosts informal workshops with other students to create a live performance feel. This accelerates musical growth, builds confidence and develops stage presence.

Individual Approach

One size does NOT fit all. People learn and progress differently. The age, background, musical taste, desire, talent and available practice time of each student varies. What works wonders for one, may discourage or limit another. That's why Johnny's seeks to understand the student and the student's goals first. This information helps Johnny's determine a learning plan that works especially well for each individual.

Fundamentals - Master the Fundamentals

There are critical skill sets to learn, foundational forms and styles. Certain combinations of them, in certain order, for certain lengths of time, speed musical development dramatically. The hard part is knowing which ones and guiding the student through them. Leave that to Johnny's. While Johnny's method strongly encourages musical freedom and creativity, true freedom of musical expression is unlocked through mastering fundamentals first.

Expand Skills, Styles & Repertoire Continually

Music is an Art and discipline in which the musician tends to stay the same or develop in a narrow manner. Without a well-conceived, personalized lesson approach, this is inevitable. Many aspiring students develop certain skills and repertoire only in a particular style, then fall into a 'rut', even for years. Johnny's L.I.F.E. musical training method encourages students to always expand as musicians by frequently introducing them to other styles, modes and ideas. This broadens growth and stimulates more creative performance.

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