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Courses of study are available for the following instruments:  Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Bass (no upright acoustic bass), Piano, Keyboard, and Voice.

music coursesWe also teach Music Theory!

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Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons
Piano & Keyboard Lessons
Electric Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass Guitar Lessons
Voice Lessons

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons

(offered to both electric guitar and acoustic guitar students)

  • General Study  Guitar Method I, II, and III - all w/ traditional sight reading
  • Guitar Method I and II - all with TAB and sight reading
  • Chord Position Study - 1st position, Inversion & Barre Chord types - w/ progression chart system study
  • Blues Guitar I - First position format
  • Blues Guitar II - Bar Chord format
  • Blues Guitar III - lead guitar improvisation

Electric Guitar Lessons

  • Rock Guitar I - beginner level with book for TAB and traditional sight reading;
  • Rock Guitar II - with progressive chart system study;
  • Rock Guitar III - lead guitar improvisation
  • Light Jazz I - Progressive Chordal study;  Light Jazz II - lead improvisation

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  • Traditional Folk
  • Introductory Finger Style
  • Improvisational Finger Style
  • Acoustic/electric - 'alternative style'

Piano & Keyboard Lessons

  • Beginner Study for Kids - Levels 1-3 w/ sight reading;
  • Intermediate Study for Kids - Levels 4-6; Beginner Study for Adults - Level 1 w/ sight reading
  • Intermediate Study for Adults - Level 2-3 w/ sight reading;
  • Chord Study w/ Chart System;  Lead Improvisation for Rock, Blues, and Light Jazz

Electric Bass Guitar & Acoustic Bass Guitar Lessons

(not upright)

  • Introductory Bass - TAB and sight reading
  • Multi-style Progressive Study - chart system
  • Interpretive Pattern playing - chart system
  • Bass Improvisation and Chord Study

Voice Lessons

  • Introductory Vocal Performance - w/ microphone


  • Rhythm Accompaniment Sessions
  • Simulated live band performance experience w/ guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion


  • Scales Chord Formation
  • Music Composition and Song Creation
  • Ear Training and Audio Analysis

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