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piano lessons asheville

From only $30/hr. - Learn from a pro, play like one.

We offer classic piano lessons to the Asheville area from beginner on up. All levels, all ages.

Starting with the development of sight reading skills and combining it with our L.I.F.E. Training Method, each student learns a complete skill set to excel on the piano including:

  • music theory
  • chord formation study
  • audio analysis
  • performance poise
  • varied repertoire

Following Johnny's own L.I.F.E. music study method, we get to know the musical taste & goals of each student, and also informally evaluate each one. (Relax! It's for each student's own benefit and helps progress a lot!) Then we create an individualized lesson plan to help each student reach desired goals.

For piano lessons in Asheville we are a great place to start. Call now

See our full course selection for piano lessons by clicking here.

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