Who's Johnny?

johnny-guitar-keyboard-bass-teacherJohnny has been teaching music lessons in the Asheville area for the last 15 years with 35 years teaching experience. Not only is he a gifted teacher but also a well known performer in the greater Asheville, NC area. This gives him unique ability to help aspiring students, since he knows what it really takes to excel as a professional. He has developed his unique teaching method over many years of working with a diverse group. Among his students are many successful musicians that range from passionate hobbyists to professionals with multiple recordings and worship leaders in churches large and small.

He encourages students to master fundamentals, play live, progress at the pace that is right for them & be creative. His students often attest that there is none better for guitar lessons, piano lessons, bass lessons, live performance and music theory.

Accomplished Live Performer, Active Musician

He has played guitar and keyboard with a number of bands performing in the greater Asheville area including blues band "Chuck Beattie and Blues by Design", Sky City, The Back Hoe Boys, and Church of the People.  These bands played regularly at local clubs including The Orange Peel, Grey Eagle, Tressa's Blues and Jazz Club, College Street Pub, Barleys, Rosie's Cantina/Monte Vista Inn, The Pump Tavern, Paddlers Pub, The Schoolhouse, The Pit Stop, Eleanor's Sports BarMargarita Grill, and more.

Band Leader, Lead Player, Worship Leader & Team Builder

Being a 'cross-over' musician, Johnny also started and led a Christian/Rock coffehouse band called "X4U2" (Christ is for you too) that played weekly at the 'Just As You Are' coffeehouse on N. Lexington street in the mid 90's.  He has also served on church and ministry worship teams (The Rock of Asheville and Christian Believers United conference praise team) and on staff at a variety of local churches functioning as the worship leader with a focus of building local church contemporary music teams including Blue Ridge Christian Fellowship (later merged with King of Glory), Mountain Vintage Fellowship, Evangel Christian Fellowship, and New Hope Christian Fellowship.

Composer, Workshop Leader

Johnny and his wife Judi have been involved with leading church worship teams and ministering their own original music at services, youth group meetings, camp meetings, and coffee houses for 35 years.  Their two sons Jeremy (guitar) and Jonathan (drums) have also played with them as well as having been part of church youth bands as teens.  Jeremy has led worship teams as an adult and been a team leader at the Worship Workshops that Johnny has sponsored in past years.  Jonathan toured with the band "The Fold" in the late nineties and presently plays with the Greenville, SC based band "Captured" (My Space).  He has served many churches in the area playing drums for a variety of worship teams.

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