Worship Team Training - Asheville / School of Worship

Specialized lessons for worship team members and team leaders - or those aspiring to be.

worship team training school of worship

Worship Training first involves all the ingredients in the L.I.F.E music study method used by Johnny's Music Studios.  The initial focus is on the development of musical skills in order to "play skillfully" before the Lord (Psalm 33:3).  We use a variety of contemporary praise songs, Christian contemporary music (CCM) pieces and hymns as learning tools to fit the students level of playing skill.

Students may also bring in their own music or church worship team songs to receive help with the learning of the material for their particular instrument.  Even if the songs are in a recorded audio mode such as CD, Mp3, ipod, or cassette tape with no written music at hand - the songs can be 'charted' for them during the course of the lesson.

Workshop Sessions, School of Worship Training

Additional focus on the spiritual side of the music is given through periodic 'worship workshop' sessions (with related fee) where a dozen or more students join for a weekend of live worship team practice and teaching.  Each student is assigned to a team led by workshop team leaders who have been students of Johnny's Music Studios and have gone on to become worship leaders in their churches.  A 'worship song set' is determined by the team leader. These songs are practiced and played utilizing amplification through a sound system.

Most teams consist of the team leader/vocalist, multiple guitar players (acoustic and electric), bass guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer.  This is a very practical experience that is interdenominational, contemporary in nature and is Christ centered, Jesus being Lord of all.

Worship Leader Training

For those who have a calling to lead in worship there is a series of lessons that Johnny gives to help prepare the aspiring leader or fine tune an existing leader.  Worship leader topics include helpful tips on team building, leading a rehearsal, spiritual focus, song selection, sound dynamics, sound reinforcement, pastoral relationship, and the tensions between worship and performance.

Over the last 15 years we have served, and enjoy continuing to serve, many individuals, congregations, pastors and worship teams around Asheville.

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